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Lotus Urli for Haldi / Half Saree function

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RENT : ₹ 2000 \ per event

Lotus Urli and Stool will be provided

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Lotus Urli best suited for haldi, half saree and puberty function in Chennai.

Our Urli is 4 feet diameter and made of strong fiber material.

Lotus Urli is a traditional Indian vessel that is often used as a decorative element during festive occasions and ceremonies. It is a shallow, circular dish with a wide mouth that can hold water, flowers, or other decorative items.

In the haldi ceremony, the urli is often used to hold the haldi paste. Here are some reasons why the urli is important in the haldi function:

Aesthetic Value: The urli adds a decorative touch to the haldi ceremony. It is often filled with fresh flowers, petals, and other decorative items that enhance the visual appeal of the ceremony.

Traditional Significance: The urli has been used in India for centuries, and it is considered a symbol of tradition and culture. Using an urli in the haldi ceremony is a way of honoring this tradition and incorporating it into the celebration.

Functional Use: The urli is also practical as it can hold the haldi paste and make it easily accessible to the family members and friends who are applying it to the bride or groom. It also prevents the haldi paste from spilling or staining the surroundings.

Spiritual Significance: In some cultures, the urli is believed to have spiritual significance. It is believed that the metal from which the urli is made has healing properties, and the water and flowers in the urli can purify the surroundings and ward off negative energy

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